Introducing CocoSoy Wax

A New and Improved, All-Natural Blend is Here!

We at Scented Company are always looking to improve your scent experience. We proudly launched using 100% soy wax in our candles to provide a clean, slow-burning experience with fewer toxins. Since then, we have continued our education around the newest and best natural wax options on the market and discovered coconut wax. This all-natural, soft, creamy white candle wax is derived from cold-pressed coconut meat the same way coconut oil is extracted.  The oil is then put through a hydrogenation process, where it is transformed into solid, smooth candle wax.

We have repeated our rigorous testing process and found that our blended wax also burns slower than soy alone.

Scented Company

We’ve found that using a 50/50 blend of our beloved soy wax with coconut wax gives an incredible cold and hot scent throw! Giving further coverage and more fragrance intensity than soy wax alone! It also dries down smoother after each burn.  You may recall from our previous blog that one of the cons to natural soy wax is frosting, which doesn’t look too pretty but also does not compromise the performance of your candle. Well, frosting is virtually eradicated with our new blend!

We have repeated our rigorous testing process and found that our blended wax also burns slower than soy alone.  While we were already achieving a minimum 60-hour burn with our 12.5 oz amber glass, wooden wick candles, we are now getting 65-70 hours out of those units–easily. Finally, a higher melt point minimizes the chances of melting or morphing during the shipping process during the summer heat! Being based in Texas, this is quite the bonus as we want to ensure that your candles reach you in the same smooth, factory-finished state that they left us.

We are proud to offer our coconut soy blend in our upcoming LWA Collection, which is launching on June 19, 2021, in honor of the Juneteenth holiday.  From there, we will transition our inaugural collections, Nature and Lifestyle.

Please be sure to let us know how you like the new formula! We hope you will be as amazed by it as we are!