Introducing Wax Melts

Another convenient way to scent your spaces!!!

We are excited to announce that our product line-up has expanded (again). In addition to our natural coconut-soy container candles (available in 3 sizes) and fine linen + room sprays, we are now offering soy blend wax melts for all of our Nature and Lifestyle Collection Scents. 

For those who are unfamiliar, wax melts are wickless, flameless scented wax alternatives to traditional candles. Our melts are offered in 2.5 oz, 6-piece clamshell containers. They are easy to pop out of the shell, break apart, and place into a wax melter of your choice. You can purchase inexpensive, decorative wax melters from a variety of retailers, including dollar stores, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon so you will be sure to find the right size and style to fit your home décor aesthetic. All you have to do is drop one (for small), two (moderate-sized spaces), or three (very large spaces) cubes into your melter and enjoy! 

For those who are unfamiliar, wax melts are wickless, flameless scented wax alternatives to traditional candles.

Scented Company

Without the risk of open flames, wax melts can be HEAVILY scented with fragrance oils, and boy did we take advantage of this fact! Each of our wax melts contains 15-19% fragrance load! We also craft our melts using a blend of natural soy and food-grade paraffin wax in order to make them hard enough to mold into shape, however, there is another important bonus of using this blend. As you may recall from our earlier wax blog post, paraffin has been an industry standard because of its intense scent throw. Between our generous fragrance loads and blended wax formula, you will find that a little goes a very long way in terms of scent production! One wax melt container offers a minimum of 20 hours of room-filling aroma!

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Now let’s talk safety. Also mentioned in that wax feature blog was the slightly higher risk of toxic emissions when paraffin is exposed to the open flame of a candle wick. Again, that is not an issue with wax melts! With no wick or open flame, there are no concerns about emitting toxins or soot. Wax melts are a wonderful option for those who have small children or pets in their household and have safety concerns about flames. They are also a perfect alternative for spaces where candle burning is prohibited, like office spaces and dorm rooms. Finally, they are super convenient for times when you are on the go and want to be able to just “set it and forget it” when it comes to home fragrances. Unlike our container candles, there is not a firm 4 hour time limit on burning melts. You can defer to your wax warmer manufacturer’s recommendations and enjoy all-day scent release in many cases.

You should try them today! We are offering a special introductory price of 3 wax melts for $25 using code PICK3. That is at least 60 hours of powerful fragrance! By the way, since they are the same size and price as our sample candles (2.5 oz), feel free to mix and match between the two options using the same promo code!

Please be sure to let us know how you like the newest addition to the Scented Company product lineup!