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Jam Session Spray


For sweet sounds and lively creativity.

Our sprays are formulated to be gentle, but highly scented, solutions to refresh your soft surfaces and spaces. Their size also makes them perfect for travel carry-ons. 

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Agave + Honey + Lavender + Bergamot + Mandarin + Spiced neroli

For sweet sounds and lively creativity.

A perfectly balanced melody of agave, honey, lavender, and a premium citrus blend of mandarin and neroli.

Aromatherapy recommendation:

Unlocking creativity

  • Purified deionized water
  • Kosher vegetable glycerin
  • Polysorbate20 + Ethylhexylglycerin + Phenoxyethanol (for stability and preservation)
  • Essential oils 

Recommended uses and instructions:

This linen + room spray is designed to refresh soft fabric surfaces, such as furniture, bedding, linens, carpets, car upholstery, and closet spaces.  It is formulated to be very low risk for triggering allergies or causing skin irritations, and as such, it is even appropriate to be used as an air freshener or a soft body mist. Shake thoroughly before use and spray as many pumps as you desire, we find that 2-3 is sufficient, from a distance of at least 6 inches from the nearest surface, and enjoy! Use as often as desired to refresh your spaces. 


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