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Summer Breeze Standard


A delightful ode to summertime magic!

Our standard cotton wick candle is 100% natural. Burn time is 30-40 hours.

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Jasmine + Bay Rum + Passion Fruit

A delightful ode to summertime magic!

This fragrance greets you with the cheerful aroma of jasmine blossoms and then, as it warms up, sweeps you away to a beach vacation with bay rum and juicy passion fruit mid and bottom notes.

Aromatherapy recommendation:

Tranquillity and cheer

Burn Time:

30 to 40 hours

  • 100% coconut soy wax (no paraffin)
  • Natural cotton wick (slow burning, clean)
  • Essential oils and non-toxic, phthalate free luxury fragrance oils


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