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Spirituality, inner reflection, and heritage inspired our latest collection, LWA.  Debuting on Juneteenth of this year, the first federally recognized observance of this beloved holiday, when the last of our enslaved ancestors learned of their hard-won liberation, this collection is inspired by four of the major deities of Vodou, collectively referred to as LWA (also spelled Loa). The term means “spirit” and Voudou is one of the most ancient, ancestral, nature-honoring practices in the world.  Born in West Africa, it traveled along with the chattel slave trade to the Caribbean and the Americas, most notably, in the area now known as New Orleans, Louisiana. Iterations were made along the way, but the major gods and their characteristics remained intact.

We would like to offer a disclaimer. Our candles are not formulated, crafted, nor purported to possess any spiritual properties. They are not designed or meant for any official purposes in worship nor Voudou practices.  These candles, like our other luxury lines, were crafted for self-care and scent therapy.  We chose the fragrances for this collection to honor the traits of four important spirits of Vodou: Erzulie, Legba, Loko, and Ogou.

Our candles are not formulated, crafted, nor purported to possess any spiritual properties. They are not designed or meant for any official purposes in worship nor Voudou practices.

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Let us start by introducing Erzulie. She is the spirit of love, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxury, and flowers. Coquettish, passionate, and flirtatious, she appreciates the finer things in life and is associated with sweet smells such as perfumes and desserts. Like all LWA, she has her light and dark elements. She can be viewed as jealous, demanding, and spoiled, but is also viewed by many as compassion and femininity personified. As such, we crafted a sweet and sultry scent to honor her. It is based in native Haitian hibiscus flower and complemented by sweet and warm island coconut. The profile is rounded out with slightly nutty and earthy kudzu.  Turn to this fragrance to create an aura of opulence.

Next up is Legba, a mystère that many laymen may be at least superficially familiar with due to his depictions in popular media. Papa Legba is seen as an intermediary between the spirit and earthly realm or guardian of the crossroads. Author, Dennise Alvarado states that Legba “stands at a spiritual crossroads and grants or denies permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee, and is believed to speak all human languages. He is always the first, and the last spirit invoked in any ceremony because his permission is needed for any communication between mortals and the LWA—he opens and closes the doorway to the spirit world.” He is strongly associated with crossroads magic and referenced in a number of early Mississippi Delta Blues songs.  Typically, those seeking his favor in order to communicate beyond our realm are in search of knowledge and understanding. As such, his scent is complex and aged. Exotic palo santo wood forms the base of this fragrance and is elevated by cherry blossom, deep chocolate, and smoldering, barrel-aged whiskey. Turn to this fragrance when you seek to tap into wisdom. 

Loko is our third fragrance in this collection. A god of vegetation and natural healing, this fragrance is designed to be clean, natural, and simple. The strongest notes are that of fresh sage leaf. It is paired with soothing lavender and a refreshing, crisp citrus blend of lemons, sweet orange, and mandarin. We love to light this particular fragrance when cleansing (be it weekend tidying up or purging bad energy) is required.

Finally, we offer our fragrance in honor of Ogou, a god that embodies the warrior spirit. He is strongly associated with iron and, to a lesser extent, rum. In many faith circles, he is also the god of pioneering, justice, medicine, and political might. He is a symbol of resilience and strength. To reflect this, we blended strong and vibrant clove with warm, rich amber, spiced nutmeg, and a hint of orange blossom to lift the heavier notes of this concoction. This is a deep, traditionally masculine fragrance that we recommend when you desire a feeling of empowerment and need to tap into your inner fortitude. 

We are proud to emphasize that this entire collection is made of a 50/50 blend of coconut soy, which means these fragrances are strong, room-filling, and with a beautifully consistent and thorough burn. This line was developed as a cosmic love letter to our ancestors, our heritage, and our roots. We hope that these signature fragrances bring delightful aromas and peace of mind to your home and that they also help you to feel connected to the earth around you. Turn to LWA Collection when you need more than just a whole mood. These luxury candles are for when you are seeking to tap into your power.

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